Lucie Veilleux

Jeweller Québec, Canada

I'm Lucie.
As far as I can remember i've always been passionate about making things. As a kid, all I wanted to do is to go on adventures in the countryside with my brother or play with papers, crayons, paint, glue, whatever could get my hands dirty. Later on, I studied Fine Arts in college then worked a few years as a furniture maker while building a brand named 3dots which was a wide collection of modern wooden jewelries. Working with my hands is what makes me the happiest. In 2010, I decided to fullfill my long time desire to learn metalworks. I studied at "L'école de joaillerie de Montréal" where I felt like a fish in the water. I immediately decided to built my own studio at home where I now spend most of my time. When i'm not working at the bench you can find me wandering in the forest, petting cats or drinking cocktails on a terrace.
I love this life.

Growing up in the countryside, I've always been close to nature. I find a lot of inspiration in it, I love plants and trees, they are pretty amazing especially when you look at them closely! Even though humans can create fantastic things, to me mother nature will always be the greatest designer of all. Every excursion to a new place brings me back to my childhood when everything was yet to discover. Through my work, I strive to honor and showcase some of our planet's wonders as well as creating shapes an textures of my own through another rather minimalistic and modern line.

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